BT survey: Financial and physical fitness linked

running-silhouette-573762_1280The study involved over 9,000 Australians, surveying the attitudes and behaviours of Australians towards money, including subjects such as managing finances; saving and spending; planning; retirement and super and insurance and Investments.

According to the 2015 BT Australian Financial Health Index, 45 per cent of people who gave themselves a physical fitness score of at least 4 out of 5 gave themselves a financial fitness score of 8 or above out of 11.

In addition, only 22 per cent of Australians who considered themselves to be physically unfit gave themselves a score of 8 or above for financial fitness.

Australians who are financially educated also tend to get better quality sleep, according to BT.

Of those who agreed to ‘feeling financially educated’, 67 per cent say their sleep quality is good or very good, compared to those who disagree with this statement. Only 43 per cent say their sleep quality is ‘good or very good’.




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