Don’t be late with your loan repayments

Repayment History Information – Available in March 2014 from your nearest Credit Reporting Agency

Information about repayment histories has been collected since December 2012 and will be seen on your credit report from March 2014.

The repayment history information includes:

  • The date credit payments were due
  • Whether or not payments were made by the due date (no payment or partial payment by the due date are both considered missed payments)
  • The dates of any missed payments (but not the amounts that were missed)

Repayment history information (RHI) is now being collected by Credit Reporting Agencies.  Licenced creditors such as Banks and Lenders can use repayment history information to assess a borrower’s ability to obtain credit from March 2014.

This means that failing to make a payment by the due date now can affect a borrower’s ability to get credit from March 2014.


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